Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Dust Settles

It is about two months now, since the whole Miss World Fiji 2012 drama started. It is certainly quite relieving to say that it is coming to an end now. Torika Watters, the initial winner of the Miss World Fiji 2012 competition, has handed over her crown to the competition runner up Koini Vakaloloma. Finally, everyone is happy and things are smooth within the Miss World Fiji family. After months of scrutiny, I am glad everything is into place now. 

Watters will officially represent Fiji next year in Bali in the Miss World 2013.
Miss World Fiji pageant national director Andhy Blake announced this today (June 2, 2012) after the reconciliation between Miss World Fiji Organisers and the family of Watters. Waters said what is left now is for the public to support them. Watters will have a year to train for Miss World next year. Blake said the Miss World Fiji pageant will continue in 2013, with the winner representing Fiji in 2014.
Well, this does sounds like a good idea as the winner will get ample time to prepare for the competition. Maybe the Miss World Fiji should organise charity events and advocacy work throughout the year, once the winner is decided. This will be a good way to work on the Miss World motto i.e. beauty with a purpose. It will also make the Miss World Fiji competition unique, in my opinion. It will also give them some much needed good press.

Waters while giving away her crown said she was glad that giving up the crown is a starting point of clearing up the controversy. She wished Vakaloloma all the best for her journey to the Miss World 2012. Vakaloloma is scheduled to leave for Mongolia for the pageant on July 18. Blake and a local designer, Fumaru Fatiaki, will also go to the pageant. They will leave early August to support Vakaloloma. Fatiaki will design costumes for Vakaloloma during the competition.
These are evening gown, competition gown, dance of the world costume and national costume. For a national costume, he needs to get approval of the i-Taukei Board. Apart from those, Fatiaki said there are 10 other dresses that are on their way from London. He said they have approached the Ministry of Tourism for a unique national gift that will be auctioned at the end of the event to assist mental health in Fiji. Fatiaki said this is a must for all Miss World participating countries.
This will certainly be a big deal for Fiji. Fatiaki will not only get to showcase his creativity, but also the cultures of Fiji with his designs. Vakaloloma also has a strenuous task ahead considering the fiasco before her crowning. At least she will have the media attention. She would have to prove the critics wrong about Fiji. I wish her all the best in the competition and l hope the organisers have learnt from their mistakes. I look forward to seeing her on the big stage.


  1. I think all interested parties would collectively agree that it was about time this saga ended. Maybe now they can move on to what pageants are supposed to be about: charity and advocacy work. Mental health is a huge issue and really needs awareness raised on it. Let's hope that Watters claim about caring for Mental health issues wasn't just a publicity stunt which goes away with her crown.

  2. I fully agree with what Arnold has stated and would like to see more being reported on the actual theme of the pageant and possibly on what the contestants are doing in preparation for the actual event. Miss Watters step down shoud be seen as something that should never be repeated again in such fashion judgements as it is must have been a very embarrasing ordeal for her too. Well all the best to Miss Fiji and may she put out the best of what the Pacific has to offer.

  3. Finally the dust has settled and all parties have come to an agreement. Miss Watters displayed maturity beyond her years to hand over the crown to Koini Vakaloloma. I mean, at the end of the day, it's all about representing our country and showcasing what Fiji has to offer in this regard. With all events, there will be setbacks but if all parties work together, all will be well. All the best to Koini and the team who will be traveling to Mongolia in July and also to Torika and her family.